I want to be free!

My exciting tiny house journey begins here. And it’s a bit daunting. The only people I’ve told are my daughter and you. Oh and the people at the planning department (although the man I spoke to went silent when I mentioned tiny houses – he’d never heard of them!) I already have my heavily mortgaged house up for sale, with two viewings so far and I’m dreaming of a mortgage free life, with less working hours and more time to be creative. The next step is to find and buy land (I think I might have found land! More about this soon…) and choose a design for the tiny house. There are so many amazing designs out there. One of the things I really find attractive about tiny houses is that design is so important. There’s a certain perfection needed with innovative use of space and aesthetics being especially important.

There is a lot to do. I have many possessions which I’ve started to sort through and I really am enjoying the freeing feeling of losing some of this stuff. At the same time I know it’s going to be hard to part with some things; the heavy pine desk that I’m sitting at now, being one example.

I've lived here for three years, intitially with my daughter and a partner. But the relationship ended and my daughter is due to go to University soon, so I don't need such a big house or the expense of it.

I’ve lived here for three years, initially with my daughter and partner. The relationship ended and my daughter is due to go to University soon, so I don’t need such a big house when I don’t use half the space.

It’s amazing what I have accumulated over the years since I bought my first house back in 2002. When I was in my twenties I used to say that I wanted to live out of a suitcase. I may not achieve that, but with a tiny house I hope to live much more lightly and kindly on this planet.

I would also love to hear from others who are on this journey or starting out. In the US there’s a vibrant tiny house community and it seems feasible that tiny houses could become popular here in the UK too. Especially if problems with acquiring land can be overcome.